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Epplejeck is thé new superstore formula in the equestrian branch. SUPER trendy and modern showrooms, combined with a saddlery, saddle service, webshop and a SUPER wide product range.

The employees of Epplejeck work hard every day to search for innovations, brands, and new trends in the equestrian branch.

At Epplejeck you find a wide range of well-known and less-known top brands such as, Ariat, ANKY, Kieffer, Pikeur, Passier, Kingsland, Euro-Star, BR, FRA, Uvex, HV Polo, Eurostar, Sectolin, Horseware, Aigle, Petrie, PK Sportsware, Mountain Horse, Harry's Horse, and so on.

On top of that, Epplejeck also has three brands of its own:

Barato - Affordable and good
Epplejeck - Hip and modern with a great price/quality
Quur - Top quality for an excellent price. Quality products manufactured in factories of top brands 

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