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New by NAF: M Fit

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A new product by NAF, Natural Animal Feed, is now available: M Fit. M Fit is a liquid version of Vitamin E, selenium and L-lysine. We’ve received feedback from you, our customers about the wish for a liquid version of selenium and we’re extremely happy we can finally give it to you!

Vitamin E can be found in grass, sea weed, and roughage. Horses are likely to have a Vitamin E shortage during winter due to the reduction of grass intake. Whilst you feed your horse roughage, it should be noted that roughage contains less Vitamin E and the quantity and quality of Vitamin E in roughage also reduces over time.

What exactly is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins a horse needs which it cannot produce itself. As such Vitamin E only enters the equine system via the feed. Vitamin E helps protect (muscle) cells as a radical scavenger to minimize the effect of free radicals. Free radicals are waste materials such as lactic acid which are produced during intensive trainings. Additionally, Vitamin E supports muscle functions and fertility. Vitamin E supplements tend to contain selenium as well, because one simply does not work as well without the other.

Vitamin E shortage and symptoms

Clearly, Vitamin E is an important vitamin. However, how do you know if your horse takes in enough Vitamin E. A blood analysis is the easiest way to determine whether or not your horse has a shortage of vitamin E; contact your vet for this. Also, analyse the roughage you feed your horse to find out how much Vitamin E it actually contains. This way it’ll be easier to determine whether your equine friend takes in enough Vitamin E.
Symptoms of a Vitamin E shortage may include muscular dystrophy, muscle stiffness the day after a training, and a weak immune system. However, your horse may not suffer any of these symptoms. It’s perfectly fine to add Vitamin E to your horse’s diet to prevent a shortage and support the equine immune system. Sports horses, pregnant mares (especially the last 3 months), and younger horses have an increased need for Vitamin E.
How much Vitamin E your horse needs depends on age, training intensity, and whether it is pregnant. Horses need 1 to 2 mg Vitamin E per kg of body weight. A fully grown horse of about 600 kg which undergoes a reasonably intense training needs about 1080 mg of Vitamin E.


Apart from Vitamin E, selenium, and L-lysine, NAF M Fit also contains powerful herbal tinctures. The use of herbs like kurkuma, ginger, liquorice and ginkgo biloba improve the antioxidant function of Vitamin E. Liquid M Fit is easily absorbed into the equine system and can’t be blown out of the feeding trough, unlike the powder version. M Fit is an excellent product which sustains healthy muscles, keeps your horse supple and secures a quick recovery. M Fit has no added energy so it won’t make your horse hotheaded.
Curious about the entire list of ingredients and dosage? Click here

Tip: NAF M Fit is also highly suitable as a successor for NAF M Power. M Power contains a variety of amino acids and antioxydants. It stimulates muscle build and sustains healthy muscle and a healthy digestive system; additionally, it offers an energy boost. As soon as muscle development is up to par after the use of NAF M Power, NAF M Fit is the perfect follow up to maintain healthy muscles.
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