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F.R.A.®: lead ropes

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Freedom Riding Articles, a.k.a. F.R.A.® shows us a world of respect, trust, listening and watching. Four principles which are the key to understanding your horse. This week's blog introduces the F.R.A. lead ropes.

F.R.A.® has a unique range of lead ropes, the F.R.A.® jarn. Epplejeck has four different ropes in their collection.
Originally the lead rope was meant to be an extension from yourself to your horse. With the rope you can do certain exercises to make your horse or pony aware of his own body. Control over the horse's body and speed is gained by making the horse aware by use of the lead rope. All of this improves the communication between you and your horse. Lead ropes are multifunctional and a must-have when training according to the regiments of Natural Horsemanship, Freestyle or Parelli. These techniques to communicate with your horse rather than controlling them are becoming more and more popular. Freedom Riding Articles can help you achieve positive communication.

Lead ropes can be used for a variety of things such as groundwork or loading a horse in the trailer. A lead rope is thus a must-have for every stable! The basic lead rope by F.R.A. is 12 or 14 mm thick, this white/red polycotton rope has a 100% polyester center. The rope is quite long with a length of 6.8 metres.

Other lead ropes are the Lead Rope F.R.A. Jarn Standard, this rope is available in two sizes: 300 cm and 420 cm. This rope is extremely soft and supple.
If you prefer a thicker rope you could choose the Lead Rope F.R.A. Jarn Standard 14 mm. This rope is slightly thicker and available in one size: 420 cm. All ropes are comfortable to hold and are resistant to most weather conditions. These ropes have a snap hook and nylon popper (as seen with whips) at the end.

In addition to these, you can also choose for a deluxe version with leather details. The Lead Rope F.R.A. Jarn leather is 420 cm long and 14 mm wide.

Author: Wilde Äcker vof, Jan Edixhoven
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