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Bucas - Smartex Rain

Thursday, 20 September 2018

We've experienced the first autumn showers already. Which is good, because it allows trees and pastures to recover from the extreme draught. We can't complain about a lack of sunshine this past summer!

After a while, however, you might get sick of the rain. Same goes for your horse. This is why we'd like to tell you more about the Bucas Smartex Rain. The ultimate outdoor rug for your horse.

The Bucas Smartex Rain is a strong, waterproof and breathing rug. The Stay-Dry lining has a unique feature which ensures excellent sweat regulation; a cooler becomes obsolete as you can put on the Bucas Smartex Rain immediately after your training.

The rug is usable immediately after you've give your horse a shower. The sweat and fluids will be absorb by the extra layer of fleece and will evaporate gradually through the outer lining. The inner layer will always stay dry and will prevent your horse from cooling down despite excessive sweat.

Let's not forget about the outer lining though! The outer material is made from ballistic nylon. The combination of a strong thread and special weaving technique makes this fabric extremely durable. Rugs made from ballistic nylon are known to be the strongest ones available. Not even a cut from a sharp object will tear further.

The Smartex Rain is best used between +14 en 0 degrees. The insulative  power of the Smartex Rain is sometimes underestimated, because the rug seems rather thin. However, the Stay-Dry lining gives 10 degrees of extra warmth and ensures a constant dry layer on top of your horse's fur.

If you still feel your horse is cold you can attach a Bucas Liner, the Bucas Quilt is highly recommendable. The Bucas Selected Quilt can be easily attached to most Bucas rugs. If your horse is sensitive to cold, sick, shaved or old it might be needed to add a liner.

If you have a horse with large neck such as a Totilas, Valegro, Friesian, stallion, etc., you can opt for the Bucas Smartex Rain Big Neck. This rug has a larger neck opening and is abailable in many sizes, from 175 cm to 215 cm, and is available in blue for €219..95.

Should your rug have a minor cut from a sharp object such as teeth or a nail you can easily fix this with a rug repair kit. This kit is similar to the one you use when fixing a flat tyre. It consist of a small patch of original fabric (A4 size) and special glue to make your rug waterproof again. The kit is available in all colours and fabrics and costs €9.90.

To finish off: choose the right size! Bucas rugs come in many sizes to ensure it fits perfect for your horse. The right size is very important so avoid buying a rug that is either too large or too small. If you need more help in sizing your horse check out - How to measure your horse for a Bucas rug

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