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Tester Reviews: Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine

Friday, 08 November 2019

A few weeks ago we asked for testers for the Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine. After a lot of enthusiastic response, we selected the testers to test this detangler product! We bet you are super curious to read all about their expectations, experiences and most important to see the results of this Cowboy Magic product!
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Horsegear: Anatomical bridles and parts

Tuesday, 08 October 2019

Maybe you have decided your current bridle has done its time? Or maybe your horse shakes its head during riding, or rubbing its head after a ride and is not feeling comfortable with its bridle? You have probably seen enthusiastic people using an anatomical bridle. Are you not sure what they’re all about? In this blog we will explain the ins and outs of an anatomical bridle, introduce you to the Horsegear bridles, and their hot off the press separate anatomical head and nose pieces.
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What to (Horse)wear when fall starts?

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

When it is starting to get a little chilly it’s time to pull out your outdoor boots, waterproof jackets and maybe even your thermals. But what about your horse? While horses can adapt to some inclement weather conditions, it doesn’t mean they should always be left out in the cold. When you discover that your horse is uncomfortable with the weather, it is a sign that a rug is needed. Are you always stressed out when the rug season begins and worried that your horse will be cold, sweat up or get wet? Don’t worry anymore because Horseware rugs are designed to keep your horse covered in all the weather conditions fall can bring us. Make sure you have the right horse rug before Fall starts because it will make life much easier for you and your horse!
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Cowboy Magic: When Performance Counts!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

We recognize those days when you are in a hurry for an important show that you cannot miss, but your horse has decided to mess up your tight schedule. Even though you've done a good job to stable your horse so you wouldn't have a mud monster to deal with in the morning, he's graciously spent the night rolling in his own feces. And, to make matters messier, his mane has become more tangled than ever. Don't panic! You have everything under control because... lucky for you, you now have Cowboy Magic in your tack box to save your precious day!
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How does the horsefly trap work?

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Horseflies can really form a plague during the months July and August. They can’t seem to keep away from your horse. That is why the fly trap can’t be missed in the pasture. Did you know that a fly trap not only attacks the horsefly problem in the pasture but also the long term problem?
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eQuick eVysor - Protective Eye Goggles

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

From leg protection to flysheets, there are so many ways to protect our horses. Obviously, we all are so familiar with the regular options, but did you know there is also a way to fully protect your horses eyes? Summer is coming so don’t be unprepared! Discover the new eVysor!
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