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Bucas - the Intelligent Choice

Bucas is an Irish brand which was founded in 1981 in Cork. Bucas aims to combine equestrianism with the latest technical developments and industries. Bucas rugs continue to amaze riders world wide.
Bucas rugs are known for their excellent moisture wicking properties thanks to their "Stay-dry" lining which transport sweat and moisture away from the horse without resulting in a soggy rug. Bucas also has revolutionary rugs like the Buzz-Off and UV protection rug.
Bucas was the first to introduce the Zebra fly rug. Based on research which shows that zebra's in the wild are never bothered by flies simply because the stripes confuse the flies. 

Bucas Recuptex

The patented Recuptex lining of Bucas Recuptex rugs has a unique effect. The fabric is made from extremely fine, stainless steel mesh which reflects magnetic fields created inside the body. Bucas Recuptex rugs have a few key qualities: they relax muscles, thus making them supple, they allow for quicker recovery because it stimulates blood circulation and the oxygen flow which optimizes the drain of waste.
It is recommended to rug your horse with a Recuptex rug two hours before and two hours after a workout or competition. The rugs can also be used 24/7, however make sure to let your horse get used to it first. 

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