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Chriwen Womanly was founded by Christiane Wenchel in Germany in 2012 and strives for the highest quality standards. The brand is constantly working on improving and further developing the process. By doing this, Chriwen Womanly can offer innovative, high quality and sustainable products for a reasonable price.

Wich products from Chriwen can you find at Epplejeck?

The clothing line of Chriwen Womanly consists of a beautiful collection of outerwear. The classic colors in combination with stylish designs gives the brand a chic look. At Epplejeck you will find body warmers, jackets and cardigans from the German brand Chriwen Womanly.

Ordering Chriwen products at Epplejeck?

Would you like to order Chriwen products online at Epplejeck? You can do this 24/7. Your order will be delivered for free when you spend €199 or more (United Kingdom). Returns are no problem and can always be done within 30 days.

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