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Our own brand Epplejeck offers the golden mean between the other two own brands Barato and Quur. For Epplejeck it is important to offer products that are in no way inferior to the big brands in quality and durability, but at the same time affordable for every budget. Moreover, one thing becomes obvious very quickly when looking at our Epplejeck product range: every trend you can imagine is picked up. So there is not only something for every purse but also something for every taste. Some examples of Epplejeck's products include super trendy saddle pads, riding breeches, riding boots, gloves, vests, bodywarmers, socks, rugs, halters, tendon boots and bridles. 

Epplejeck Horse Supplies

Epplejeck is all about horses. Epplejeck's products are known for their hip and modern look and good value for money. Epplejeck regularly presents new collections and always strives for the most innovative and modern products. You will find Epplejeck horse rugs in all shapes and sizes. Also for the craziest prints and colour combinations, you have to be at Epplejeck. Looking for a shiny saddle pad? Then look no further, because you will find the most trendy saddle pads at Epplejeck. 

Find you must-have riding breeches at Epplejeck 

Epplejeck riding breeches are all modern, hip and finished down to the last detail. You can choose from many different colours and eye-catching prints. This makes the riding breeches from Epplejeck real must-haves. Do you like it when your riding breeches have a high waist? Or rather not? Epplejeck has many different models so there is something for everyone. Epplejeck also has very popular riding breeches with silicone grip, but also if you prefer to ride with a leather seat, you can find your perfect riding breeches. In short, shop your ideal riding breeches at Epplejeck! 

Epplejeck riding boots are made for...

Epplejeck has a very diverse range of riding boots. Looking for simple training boots or rather boots with that little extra? Epplejeck gives you the choice of many different models from shiny elements to refined lacquer accents. The riding boots are made of supple and soft leather making them very comfortable. 

Order the popular Epplejeck products online!

You can only buy the latest and most modern Epplejeck collections at Epplejeck! Order your new horse supplies online or shop them in one of our shops! Ordering is super fast and very easy. Straight from the comfort of home and 24/7. Returns are no problem and can always be done within 30 days. From a purchase value of €199 or more, there are no shipping costs.

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