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Just clip it on and off you go!

Riders like Tess Carmichael and David Harvey are already convinced: "It gives you that extra bit of knowledge. Just a better understanding of how your horse working". "Anything that can help you get the final 1% improvement, you'd be a fool not to use that." These are exactly the two goals of the Equestic Team: to create a better understanding between rider and horse and to enable the best possible performance improvement. As soon as you use the Equestic Saddle Clip for the first time, you know what we are talking about. Just clip it on with one and off you go! 

What makes the Equestic Saddle Clip so special?

Riding is about concentration and feeling, which is why it is difficult to get an objective insight into current training. Thanks to the Equestic Saddle Clip measurements, you can now measure and improve every ride with facts and figures. The basic measurements include training structure, time spend on each rein, number of jumps and training per gait. In the in-depth analysis, pressure development, rhythm and your symmetry are measured. 

Symmetry Analysis

The Equestic SaddleClip measures the symmetry of your horse in three different ways: 
  1. Timing difference based on foot-on and foot-off
  2. The difference in push-off power 
  3. The difference in impact on landing 
This gives much more insight into the symmetry and offers even more possibilities to consciously and effectively train your horse. It will warn you if one diagonal gets weaker, or when your horse starts throwing itself on one side. Both are indicators of potential injuries or strain. The SaddleClip measures the smallest changes, long before we can feel them. 

Why is symmetry so important?

Symmetry is a good indicator of straightness and well-being (physical condition) of the horse and has a great influence on the quality of training. More symmetry means: 

  • Better rhythm
  • Healthier movement
  • Better performance in all disciplines
  • The horse is able to carry the rider better and the rider can, therefore, sit more easily
  • Less riding problems, the horse can focus better and handle exercises better
  • Less stress and less chance of injuries with 
If the symmetry starts changing without any apparent reason, that’s usually an indicator something is going on. In the example shown the horse was developing a hoof ulcer. The SaddleClip detected that before the rider did. Even with a 10% difference, the horse still looked sound.

Happy Athlete

Your horse will thank you for monitoring and managing the training intensity. The symmetry indicators will tell you if your horse is sound. The gait and direction measurements will make you balance your training. That’s how you can make sure your horse is a happy athlete! Perform with care, use the Equestic SaddleClip.

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