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Browband for horse bridles

Epplejeck has many browbands for sale. Liven up your bridle with a new browband. A curved browband with hearts or roses or a straightforward straight browband with elegant rhinestones. Patent leather browbands, bling browbands or coloured browbands. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has everything in store to give your bridle a unique twist. We've got an exstensive range of house brand browbands, but also offer browbands from top brands like Harry's Horse and HB.
Browbands come in different sizes. Most common sizes are full and cob, however there are also browbands for ponies and Shetland ponies. Usually a full bridle needs a full browband, a cob bridle a cob browband and so forth.

A cheap way to decorate your horse bridle, shop your browband from €9,95. Epplejeck has over 25 different browbands. Get yours now in our webshop or if you want to compare and feel your new browband make sure to visit one of our superstores.

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