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Bridles and bits

A bridle is a vital piece of horse tack. Few tack rooms lack a horse bridle. At Epplejeck we have bridles and bits from many top brands such as SchockemöhleKieffer, Anky, Harry's Horse and Horseware Rambo. We offer many types of bridles including weymouth bridles, show bridles and bitless bridles.
A wide selection of bits is also available at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore. There are many different kinds of bits to choose from. We offer bits by Sprenger, Trust, Busse and more. The most common bit is the loose ring snaffle, however at Epplejeck you can also find weymouth bits, egg-butt ring snaffles and Pelham bits. Not sure which bit to choose? Find all our bits and additional information right here

Nosebands and browbands

Nosebands are an important piece of an English bridle. Which noseband you use can help decide how much influence you have on your horse's movements. Luckily nosebands are easy to switch out with most English bridles, so you can always try something new. If you want to know more about which noseband suits you and your horse make sure to read this blog
A new look for your horse is easily achieved by changing out a browband. Browbands can be swapped easily, whether you want bling or a more classic look, at Epplejeck you'll find a browband that matches your horse's personality.

Reins and fly caps

Dressage reins or continental reins? The Horse & Rider Superstore's got what you need. Epplejeck also has a variety of training aids, if you need a little bit of extra support during riding. Martingales, breastplates and side-reins can be helpful when training your horse.Order onlineOrder your bridle and any other horse tack online at Epplejeck. Our virtual doors are open 24/7. However, if you prefer to touch, smell and compare do drop by one of our Superstores.
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