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Leather care

At Epplejeck you can find any leather care product you want. To keep leather supple and shiny, proper maintenance and treatment is requires. Proper treatment of leather will increase the longevity of the product, it'll maintain waterproof and will be protected from external influences. To ensure this, regular treatment is necessary. At Epplejeck you find all kinds of saddle soap, leather oil, leather cream, and leather balm from brands like Rapide and Epplejeck. Before treating your saddle it is best to clean it with a designated tack cleaner or saddle soap first.

Saddle soap

How to clean leather, you might ask? Saddle soap is a good start and is used before treating the leather. Saddle soap is not confined to its name, it can be used on other leather products as well. Saddle soap is available either solid or liquid. It is best to use a moist sponge or cloth in combination with saddle soap. Make sure that the stitching doesn't get too wet, as they might let loose then. Make sure saddle soap is absorbed properly before giving it a dry rub.

Leather cream

The next step in treating your saddle is the use of leather care products. There are several kinds of leather care: leather cream, leather oil, and leather balm. Epplejeck leather cream is available in blanc and black. Leather cream is a thick, creamy substance which protects leather products. Leather cream is suitable for smooth leather and it keeps leather supple and soft and provides a water repellent leather. Leave the cream to be absorbed and give the item a dry rub afterwards.

Leather oil

Leather oil is a lot thinner than leather cream and can be used for all types of leather. Leather oil is a leather care which is especially suitable for rigid or stiff leather. Leather oil is absorbed quickly and results in supple leather. Leather oil also applies a nice shine to your tack. Because leather oil is absorbed quite easily, it should be applied more often than leather cream or balm. Epplejeck has several types of leather oil, including Neatsfoot oil.

Leather balm

Leather balm is less fatty than leather cream or leather oil, this makes it very suitable for the softer parts of your saddle. Leather balm contains bee wax which is a protective and caring product. Using leather balm will result in soft, supple and strong leather. Epplejeck offers Effax leather balm with a unique technology for a stronger grip in the saddle. Leather balm is suitable for every type of leather.If you want to know more about leather maintenance check out our guide to saddle maintenance or bridle maintenance.
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