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Loose reins for horse bridles

Extensive use may cause wear and tear to your bridle and its reins. No fear, Epplejeck has a wide range of reins available to complete your bridle. There are many choices in types of reins. Decide whether you want dressage reins, continental reins, or reins designed for natural horsemanship
Dressage reins are made from supple leather and do not have anti-slip layers or stops. Continental reins are generally made from nylon, have stops and are finished with leather details. Continental reins have more grip than dressage reins. F.R.A. has reins designed for use with natural horsemanship. These reins are made from soft, braided cotton, and have a clip to easily attach them to a halter or bitless bridle.
For young riders there are coloured training reins to easily indicate where the reins should be held.

Reins with extra grip

If you don't hold your reins too tight you might allow long reins to your horse without intending to do so. Some reins are designed to offer increased grip. A good grip reduces the chance of the reins sliding through your hands. Epplejeck has reins with antislip and stops. These reins are made from cotton and rubber which have been intertwined. The stiff rubber combined with the stops allows for a much better grip. Leather or fake leather riding gloves can improve your grip even more.

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