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Are you looking to take another step in training your horse and need some training aids? Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore has everything you need to perfect your routine. Sometimes you or your horse needs an extra push in the right direction. A training aid can be a solution. Epplejeck has several training aids available, whether you are looking for a breastplate, draw reins, a market harborough, side reins or a martingale, you'll find it here.

When should I use a breastplate with my saddle?

If your saddle tends to slide, you might find a breastplate useful. A breastplate prevents the saddle from sliding back during riding. A breasplate is attached to the saddle by means of a girth loop which runs to the belly and two clips which can be attached to the D-rings atop the saddle. Some breastplate have a detachable martingale included. A martingale prevents loss of contact between rider and horse when the horse tilts its head. There are also breastplates with two additional straps to attach to the lower part of the saddle.

What's the use of a martingale?

A martingale prevents the horse from tilting its head too high, which would normal result in loss of contact. A martingale does not disturb normal rein contact as long as the horse keeps its head in the correct position. A martingale is attached to the girth with a loop and the other two ends have rings to lead the reins through. To prevent the martingale from slipping up or down so-called martingale stoppers can used.

What is the point of a Market Harborough?

A Market Harborough is sometimes called a German Martingale. A Market Harborough prevents your horse from tilting its head too far up and from stretching its neck too far forward. The Market Harborough does not interfere with a correct head position, when attached correctly it helps keep the horse's head in the correct position. The Market Harborough is attached to the girth by means of a loop. Special reins are attached to the bridle's bit; these reins have D-rings to which the Market Harborough is attached. A Market Harborough, or German Martingale, is easily adjusted because of the many D-rings on the reins.

When should I use draw reins?

Draw reins are a training aid which help bring the horse's head down. Draw the draw reins through the bit rings and attached them to the girth by means of a loop. Draw reins can also be attached to the saddle. When attached to the girth the horse's head and neck are forced further down. A steady hand is required when using draw reins. Using draw reins means you have two sets of reins in your hand. When the horse's head is in the correct position the draw reins won't exert any pressure.

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