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Grooming your horse

It's important to brush and groom your horse regularly especially before saddling up. Epplejeck has everything in store to groom your horse. Colourful brushes in many shapes and sizes adorned with fun motifs. We have grooming bags with and without content, so fill the grooming bag yourself or order a complete set without a hassle.

What is the purpose of brushing your horse?

Cleaning your horse is done by brushing. There are different brushes for loose hairs, dirt and dried sweat. If you fail to clean your horse before saddling up it might result in irritated skin under the saddle or bridle. Additionally, you get to check your horse's body for wounds during brushing. Brushing also supports the circulatory system.

Different brushes for horses

There are many different brushes available to brush horses with. Each brush is designed with a goal in mind.
Curry combs are designed to loosen up hairs and grainy dirt. Move the comb in circles from neck to tail. Curry combs are rubber or sometimes stainless steel brushes so avoid sensitive areas such as the legs and head. A curry comb is easy to clean by tapping it against a pole or on the ground. 
Another option to loosen up dirt in your horse's coat is using grooming gloves. Grooming gloves are brushes in the shape of gloves. The palm of the glove has nubs which will loosen up the dirt just as a curry comb would.

After loosening up the dirt and hairs it's time to use a dandy brush. A dandy brush is a brush with stubborn, long hairs and easily removes anything you've loosened up as well as any other dirt which might still be stuck in the coat. A dandy brush can be used on the legs, but the hairs are quite tough so not every horse may enjoy it when their legs are brushed with a dandy brush. A dandy brush can also be used to remove dirt from the mane and tail and loosen up tangles.
Clean a dandy brush by scraping it along a wall or pole.

A body brush is meant to remove any dirt and loose hairs you might've missed with the dandy brush. Unlike a dandy brush or curry comb, a body brush can be used on the entire body of the horse head and legs included. Shine brushes are even softer than body brushes and bring about a healthy shine in your horse's coat. These brushes most often have goat hairs. There are also Merino fur grooming gloves which make brushing your horse even more fun.

A hoof pick is used to clean the frog of the horse or pony. Dirt and dung tends to pile up between the frog and the bars of the hoof. This is removed with a hoof pick. Many hoof picks have a small brush as well to brush off any dirt collected on the sole. The hoof pick brush is also suitable for the hoof wall.

A tail or mane brush often looks a little like our own hair brush. A tail or mane brush is used to brush your horse's mane and tail. Always work your way from the bottom up when brushing a tail or mane. To get rid of tangles you can use a detangler spray. A detangler spray will detangle the hairs and make the tail easier to brush through. A mane comb is meant for the mane as the tail hairs are a bit more sensitive. A mane comb is also handy when braiding your horse's mane.
A head brush can be used for the head and is often smaller and softer than other brushes. A hoof brush has tough hairs, but is also small in size. Lastly, massage brushes help stimulate the circulatory system of your horse. stainless steel rollers roll over the body and give your horse a comfortable feeling.

The best brush to shed your horse´s coat

During spring and fall horses shed their coat. A hair remover is an ideal brush to get rid of all those itchy loose hairs. Hair Remover Magic removes over 90% of the loose hair in a quick, siomple, and painless manner. The comb is suitable for the winter coat and does not damage the horse´s coat. Another useful brush is the Hands On Grooming Glove by LeMieux. This gloove is a massage brush, hair remover and body brush all in one. When using the LeMieux Hands On Grooming glove you´ll be in close contact with your horse, which makes it an excellent tool to bond with your horse.
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