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When should I clip my horse?

It is best to wait with shaving your horse until the wintercoat is fully developed. Generally speaking this is around mid October, but it can vary per horse. On average your horse will need to be clipped twice per winter. The first time in late October, the second time in January. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a wide range of horse clippers and accessories available from top brands such as Moser, Liscop and Heiniger.

Which clipper should I use? 

Which clipper depends on your own preference and whether or not you wish to fully clip your horse or just parts such as legs, ears, or beard. If you decide give your horse a full body clip, a stronger shearing clipper is needed such as the Liscop Lite, the Kerbl farmclipper or the Sectolin SE-600. The razors of these clippers are robust and strong, and thus suitable for larger patches. Legs and ears should be shaved using a smaller clipper with finer razors for increased precision such as the Clipper Moser Rex.  If there is no electrical outlet nearby use a clipper with a rechargeable battery such as the new Battery Clipper Heiniger

Where to start when clipping your horse?

Make sure your horse is clean and dry before you start! A wet coat, sand and any other filth will ruin your clipper. Bathing your horse the day before is a smart move. Also make sure the clipper has sharpened razors and a charged battery.
Carefully start clipping near the shoulders. Always shave against the direction of the hairs and avoid lines by shaving in long, overlapping lanes. Let the clipper do its job; don't push or press down too hard. Let the clipper run through the coat in a smooth manner and straighten skin folds with your hand. Always clip the legs from the outside and pull hind legs forward.

Find out more about how to clip your horse, clip patterns and what to do if your horse is nervous during clipping in this blog.

Rug your horse after clipping

You've removed your horse's winter coat! It's important to give him a new one when he's not at work. Make sure to rug your horse sufficiently and use an exercise sheet for warming up and cooling down to make the transition a little smoother.

Did you clip your horse's neck? Make sure to rug him with an outdoor rug with neck piece, when you leave your horse in the pasture.

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