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Clipper Liscop Lite

Compact shaver for the whole horse.
Selected color: Overige
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  • Worldwide delivery
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30-day return policy
  • Secure SSL payment
  • compact shaver with a wide shaver head
  • suitable for shaving the entire horse
  • very handy and ergonomic design
  • length 285mm, diameter handle 48mm
  • handle with rubber, for extra grip
  • lies comfortably in the hand
  • Light weight, 1,010 grams
  • very quiet but powerful engine, almost vibration-free
  • comes with mounted, top quality hollow cutter blades
  • upper blade 23 teeth, lower blade 31 teeth, cutting height 3mm
  • Includes 5 meter cord

Attention! Make sure your horse is clean before shaving. Too much sand in the coat causes the knives to quickly become blunt. Use sufficient oil on the blades while shaving. This ensures that the blades do not become too hot and stay sharp for a longer time. Mount the blades by gently tighten them until the blades stop with a rattling sound. Then turn the blades for another half turn. Never tighten the blades with pliers, as this will destroy the blades and the engine.

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