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Mane and tail detangler

A mane and tail detangler spray or liquid is the perfect way to get rid of tangles in your horse's manes or tail. A detangler product is also suitable for the feathering of draft horse breeds. Feathering is a characteristic trait of Friesians, Gypsy horses, and Shires for example. Epplejeck has detangler sprays from known brands like Cowboy Magic, NAF, Epplejeck, and Sectolin.

How to use a detangler spray?

Spray the detangler evenly across mane and tail and start brushing it from the bottom up. If the tail is severely entangled we recommend using Detangler and Shine by Cowboy Magic. This is a highly concentrated conditioner suitable for mane, tail and feathering. Aside from detangling the hair, Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine also moisturizes and repairs the hair. Mane and tail will remain tangle-free for days.

Best shine sprays

Shine sprays make your horse's coat shine. Add some extra gloss just before your horse enters the ring by using the popular shine spray Sectolin Equishine. The spray will make your horse's coat, tail, and mane shine. A shine spray also protects the coat against dirt and dust and it moisturizes the hairs for a healthy shine. Shine sprays cause a slippery surface so avoid your saddle when using it.

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