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Grooming your horse

Epplejeck has everything you need to make your horse shine as well as everything you need for the perfect plaits. Shine sprays to give a coat an extra shine as well as all accessories needed to make perfect button braids. Mane combs, grooming scissors, braid thread, it's easy to make perfect braids in your horse's mane and tail with the right accessories. Cute show bows with or without rhinestones.

Braiding horse mane or tail

Braiding, sometimes called plaiting, a horse's mane and tail is an art. Before you start the braids it is important to brush the hairs throughly and remove any tangles. You can use a mane an tail brush, a mane comb and to make it even easier you can use detangler spray. There are special braiding tools to help je make even braids. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a small braiding comb with 4 ponges and the LeMieux braiding tool Top Zop. Easily divide the hairs in even locks with the braiding tool. Once you have braided a lock of hair you can use mane bands to tie them off. Epplejeck has basic mane bands, but also mane bands in fun colours to liven things up, you can also use show bows for an elegant look.

Braiding horse manes with needle and thread

Braiding thread and a braiding needle are used to twist your braid into a tight rose knot. Stick the needle and thread through the bottom part of the braid and twist the braid into a knot, simply weave the braid with the thread to make a tight knot. Braiding thread is available in several colours.

Braiding using Quick Knot by Hes-Tec

Quick Knot is a patented must-have tool for achieving flawless competition braids in a matter of seconds. No needle and thread needed and the quick knot is as easy to put in as it is to remove. The Quick Knot is available in four colours: black, brown, white, and silver. Productguru Manon shows you how to use the Quick Knot in this video (English subtitles available). Quick Knots are also available in XL. As with all braiding techniques, practice makes perfect.

Grooming accessories

If your horse's mane are thick it can be hard to create perfect rose knots. Use a thinning scissor to thin horse mane and tail. Thinning can also be done by using a foldable mane trim knife. Another useful tool during grooming is the QHP Step-up, a small stool in bright colours so you can reach high enough to make perfect braids near the horse's ears as well. Or the QHP Fanny Pack with braiding kit, everything you need to create perfect braids close-by. Shop all your horse grooming supplies at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores 24/7 from the comfort of home. Or head to one of our stores to smell, touch and compare before purchasing your grooming supplies.
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