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Washing or showering a horse

Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a wide range of products available to wash your horse. Shampoos and conditioners designed for horse hair from known brands such as Cowboy Magic, Grand National and NAF. Anything you might need during or after showering your horse is also available, items like a sponge or a sweat scraper.
Soaping your horse is easiest with a sponge or shampoo brush. Try not to use too much horse shampoo. The tail and mane may need to be washed twice before all the filth is removed. Rinse well to avoid irritations of the horse's skin. Use a sweat scraper to remove any exces water and rug your horse after a shower, especially when it is rather cold outside. Fleece rugs or coolers are especially useful after a shower.

Things to keep in mind when washing your horse

Safety first. Before turning on the hose make sure your horse is secured in a safe environment. The floor should have profile so that it won't be slippery once wet. While some horses enjoy being hosed down, others might get nervous. A nervous horse might try to get away and might end up with injuries. If you horse is nervous about washing, have someone else present to soothe your horse. Make sure washing is a positive experience for your horse. Let your horse get used to the hose and the water by starting at the legs and slowly work your way up. Cold water is not very comfortable for horses, so when washing your horse it is best to use lukewarm water. Don't use a hose near the horse's head, instead sponge this area.

Different horse shampoos

There are many different horse shampoos. If you wash or shower your horse regularly it is best to use a mild shampoo which doesn't affect the skin too much, these shampoos are also very suitable for horses with a sensitive or skin or horses with summer eczema. If your horse has a light colour and likes to get itself dirty try Leovet Milton Shampoo or Cowboy Magic Yellowout. There are also shampoos designed for horses with a darker colour. This shampoo brings out a deeper colour.If you don't have time to rinse down your horse completely you can choose to use a dry shampoofor horses. Simply apply the shampoo on the coat and rub it in, no rinsing needed.
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