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Horse halter and lead

No equestrian can do without a halter and lead. Preferably one in each colour and one for every occassion. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore has a halter in every colour, print and motif you can imagine. The latest Eskadron collection with halters with faux-fur padding, or halters by HV Polo, Harry's Horse, Kingsland, or Epplejeck. We have halters for every horse size; whether you have a cute Falabella or a Friesian, we've got a matching halter.
And what's the use of a halter without a lead rope? Tether your horse at the stables or in the horse box with a lead rope and halter. That's why we also offer a variety of lead ropes. Some halters come with lead ropes included, so you'll have a matching set. 
Rope halters are suitable for groundwork or bitless riding. Rope halters are increasingly popular with the rise of freedom riding or natural horsemanship. Epplejeck has many rope halters and relating products by F.R.A. in their range.

What's the use of a muzzle?

A muzzle restricts grass intake of your horse. This is useful if your horse tends toward the heavy side. Especially cold blooded breeds like Fjords, Haflinger and Tinker can be sensitive to gaining weight if they can spend their entire day in the pasture. Horses that are insulin resistant or have chronic laminitis can also benefit greatly from a muzzle to reduce grass intake. Epplejeck has muzzles in all sizes even for your Shetlander. A popular muzzle is the Muzzle Shire Flexi by Shires Equestrian. Where most muzzles are nylon, this muzzle is made from flexible polyester for a comfortable fit.

Shop your halter, lead rope and muzzle at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore either in stores or online 24/7.

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