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Horse halters

Halters in every colour, design, motif and size you can think of at Epplejeck. Halters by Eskadron, Hv Polo, Shires Equestrian, Anky, Bucas and more. You can either buy a halter or buy a halter and lead set. Most halters are a combination of nylon and synthetic elements, but there are also leather halters. Both nylon and leather are durable materials. If you buy a leather halter it does need maintenance; read all about leather maintenance here. Epplejeck has halters for every horse size, small foals and heavy breeds alike.

Natural Horsemanship and rope halters

Rope halters are increasingly popular and can be treated as a bitless bridle, but a rope halter is also very suitable for groundwork. The communication between you and your horse is more direct thanks to the relatively thin rope, compared to a regular bridle. Rope halters are made from super strong rope which won't break easily, this is why rope halters are not meant to tether your horse with as it can cause nasty wounds when your horse is startled. A rope halter is a basic when exercising natural horsemanship. If you are interested in natural horsemanship, be sure to check our Natural Horsemanship shop
Epplejeck has rope halters in every colour. Our own Epplejeck Rope halter is available in 7 trendy colours. If you wish to ride bitless you can choose an Ekkiarope halter with reins. Epplejeck also has many products by F.R.A., F.R.A. is a producer of freedom riding articles.

Order your halter online now at Epplejeck. Order from the comfort of your home 24/7. We offer several payment methods. If you prefer to touch, smell and compare halters make sure to drop by one of our Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores.

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