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Lead ropes

What's a halter without a lead rope. Epplejeck has lead ropes in every colour and design. There is bound to be a lead rope that matches your halter. Lead ropes come in different designs. Basic lead ropes are about 2 meters long, however there are also long lead ropes of up to 4 meters. These long lead ropes are suitable for groundwork. There are also lead ropes with elastic insets, which are suitable for tense horses as the elastic gives some slack when the horse is tethered. There are also lead ropes designed to use in the horse trailer. With a clip on both sides you can easily tether your horse in the trailer. 
F.R.A. has lead ropes designed for groundwork. Read all about it in their blog.

Which lead rope snap is best?

There are many different snaps to use to attach a lead rope to a horse halter. The most common are the bolt snap and the panic snap. A bolt snap is a solid snap which doesn't allow your horse to pull itself loose. A panic snap has a unique design which will ensure it snaps open when the pressure gets too high. A panic snap is ideal if your horse is easily spooked, you can easily unclip your horse or if you're not around the snap will open by itself under enough pressure. A panic snap is adviced to use when transporting your horse in a horse trailer. However, when leading your horse into the trailer it is better to use a bolt snap. You don't want a panic snap, if you lead your horse onto the trailer and the horse is resisting to step on.

What is a stallion chain?

A stallion chain was invented for studs, however it is not confined to its name. A stallion chain is suitable for any horse which is stubborn when led around. A stallion chain is a lead rope with a chain attached to it. The chain is attached to the noserings of the halter and led under the chin of the horse. The chain pinches under the chin when the horse tries to move away or when you put pressure on the chain or lead rope. A stallion chain is ideal for stallions or stubborn horses who need a stronger aid when leading around.

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