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Why use a grazing muzzle on a horse?

A grazing muzzle does not restrict grass intake, it simply limits it. This can be especially useful for horses who tend to gain weight quickly when eating lush, sugar rich grass. Horses who have insulin resistance or those with chronic laminitis also benefit from a muzzle. Cold blooded horse like Friesians, Fjords,Tinkers and Shetland ponies are more likely to gain weight rapidly. A muzzle reduces the intake of grass by 50-80%, meaning your horse can spend time in the pasture with its friends without gaining too much weight.
Epplejeck has muzzles in many colours, models, and sizes.

How to introduce a grazing muzzle?

Few horses will enjoy a grazing muzzle when you first put it on. It limits their freedom so having a muzzle on might result in a frustrated horse. Make sure you take the time for your horse to let him get used to the muzzle. While the grazing muzzle is a simple concept, it is important the muzzle has the right fit, as you don't want to end up with a horse with irritated skin on the nose or head due to a muzzle having the wrong fit. A grazing muzzle is not meant to be on 24 hours a day, however just 30 minutes won't be of much use either as your horse will just gobble up the grass in the remaining time, which will only result in a higher sugar intake. Additionally, the muzzle prevents your horse from defending itself in the group.
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