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Horse feed and treats

A good diet is essential for your horse. Concentrate feeds, treats, or a salt lick in the stable to prevent boredom, you'll find it at Epplejeck Horse & Rider superstore. Treats can be used to reward your horse after a training, but are also a great training method to let your athlete now he's doing it right, this is especially useful with trickonometry.
Salt licks are tasty, healthy snacks for your horse. It offers additional nutrients and also helps prevent boredom for a stabled horse or during transport of your horse. 
Horses that endure intensive training need more than just roughage. Epplejeck has everything you need to give your athlete an extra boost with fibre rich snacks and concentrates by Pavo.

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Shop your horse feed and horse treats online at Epplejeck. Order online from the comfort of home 24/7. 95% of all orders are shipped the same day (delivery of your order depends on your location).
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