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Horses that endure extensive training don't get all their nutrients from roughage alone. At Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores you can buy everything you need to support your athlete with fibre rich extra's and healthy feed from brands like Vitamunch and Pavo and provide your horse with all his daily needs.

Vitamunch blocks

Vitamunch by Equilibrium is a unique, tasty, and most importantly fibre rich snack and are 1kg blocks of Timothy-grass. Vitamunch is a perfect, healthy additive or reward for your horse. It also works well to counter boredom during transport on the trailer. The blocks can be fed dry or with water in a feeding bucket or hay net. Vitamunch has 4 different kinds: Flexi, Meadow, Calm and Hedgerow, each with their own benefits. Vitamunch Flexi has added glucosamin, MSM, ginger, hip and boswellia and supports the joints. Vitamunch Meadow and Hedgerow both contain vitamins and minerals, dandelion, red clover, and nettle to support the entire equine immune system. Vitamunch Calm is quite obviously meant to calm horses down as it is designed for nervous horses and ponies. Calm contains magnesium, vitamin B, camomile, hop and vervain.
If you want to feed your Vitamunch dry hang it in a Mini hay net by Epplejeck to ensure hours of fun for your horse.

Pavo healthy horse feed

Epplejeck has several horse feed from Pavo in their product range. For example Pavo Summerfit, Pavo Nature's Best and Pavo SlobberMash. Summerfit is designed for horses and ponies that spend their day in the paddock or pasture and get 1,5 kg of sweet feed or less, but could use the extra vitamins and minerals after a decline in health or simply for older horses. It is suitable for every season despite its name, and suitable for any horse breed.
Nature's Best is designed for recreational horses and sports horses which undergo light training. It can either complement your horse's sweet feed or function as sweet feed by itself. Nature's Best contains little sugar and starch. Luzerne, Timothy gras, soy flakes and line seed oil make Nature's Best an excellent feed for any recreational horse.
Slobber Mash is a complete feed which is easy to prepare with some warm water. Slobber Mash contains pure line seed, Vitamin C and brans. It supports a healthy digestive system and helps your horse to recover from heavy training and disease. Pavo Slobbermash is highly suitable for horses with weak teeth, horses which have a lapse in health or horses which are difficult eater.
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