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Should I treat my horse with a salt lick?

A salt lick or mineral lick is a healthy treat for your horse. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has many different salt licks and salt lick holders in their product range from brands like Likit, Horslyx and F.N.A. A mineral lick is a tasty and healthy additive to your horse's diet and it supports the immune system with mineral nutrients. Aside from offering minerals a salt lick also offers distraction from boredom in the stables or during transport. It's a horse toy that will keep your horse entertained for hours.
Salt licks are especially suitable for horse with a salt, i.e. natrium shortage. If your horse has a natrium shortage you can determine this from its behaviour, as it will tend to lick your hands or walls. The F.N.A. Himalaya Salt Lick and the Likit Himalaya Block are made from 100% Himalayan salts which makes them rich with natrium. Other popular salt licks are the Rockies Horse Mineral Blocks, which is available in several flavours. These licks are rich with minerals and trace elements and form a useful additive to your horse's diet. 

Horslyx lick stones

Horslyx lick stones are available at Epplejeck in different shapes, sizes and flavours. The Horslyx Original lick stone supports the overall condition of your horse. The Horslyx Respiratory supports the airways and if you want to increase resistance and keep flies away during summer time the Horslyx garlic is ideal. Horslyx Mobility contains elements that help support supple joints and tendons. Lastly, Horslyx Mint maintains a healthy digestive system. Horslyx licks are available in 650 gram and 5 kilogram.  Likit salt licks and the Kerbl salt lick Delizia Fruit are a treat for your horse. Shop a Likit Holder and a Rockies holder at Epplejeck as well to easily hang the mineral lick in or around the stables.

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