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Horse treats

If you want to reward your horse after exercise there is a plethora of options at Epplejeck. Horse treats, Horse Muffins, or Horse Lick Bars. Epplejeck has tasty and healthy snacks to reward your horse or pony. We have treats from brands like Likit, Sectolin, Cavalor and Epplejeck. Spoil your athlete with a tasty snack.

How to reward my horse?

Epplejeck has horse muffins, horse treats and horse lick bars. When practicing trickonometry, when loading your horse on the trailer or when your horse comes when you call him it is best to reward this with a treat. Cavalor Crunchies have a low sugar value and are free of molasses which makes it an ideal snack for horses that are insulin resistant. Another healthy treat are Vazuintjes by Sectolin, these are available with herbal or vanilla flavour. If your horse is easily bored try Epplejeck Variety Treats.
If you really wanna treat your horse we even have a Horse Muffin Mix. Bake your own muffins for your horse. Or if you are not a fan of the ktichen, choose ready to eat Stud Muffins. Epplejeck Horse 7 Rider Superstore has treat bars as well. The Likit treat bars are a feast for your horse and available Likit Treat Bar Set or separately in a variety of flavours.

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