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Bandage wraps for horses

Epplejeck has horse wraps in every colour you can imagine. Wraps from top brands like Eskadron, Anky, and BR. We offer fleece wraps, stable wraps, and training wraps as well as pillow wraps. Horse wraps tend to a show item rather than to be used during training. However, they can be used during training. Both fleece and training wraps can be used for training. Stretchy wraps should be carefully bandaged as they should not sit too tight ever.

How to apply equine wraps on your horse?

When done right, your horse can benefit from horse wraps. Before you start wrapping your horse's legs in leg wraps make sure the leg is clean and the hairs face in the right direction and lie smooth. There are three things to keep in mind when you wrap your horse's leg. First, always start wrapping over bone and not across tendons. Second, wrap the bandage around the front of the cannon bone first. And lastly, finish wrapping along the cannon bone as well. There are stretchy leg wraps and cotton bandages, whilst stretchy is easier to work with keep in mind you don't pull the wrap too tight. A good indication is to never stretch the fabric further than 1.5 times the length of the remainder.

Cooling bandage

Epplejeck also has a cooling bandage. A cooling horse wrap can be used to prevent stable legs and inflammations. It can also be used with sprains, but should never be used on an open wound. A cooling bandage has a cooling effect for hours and is easy to use. Find a cooling bandage right here.

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