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What are bell boots for?

Bell boots protect the horse's hooves and coronet against tapping and other external influences. Bell boots cover the coronet, hoof balls and part of the hoof. In show jumping bell boots can be useful to protect the hoofs in case an obstacle is hit or when your horse taps its front hooves with it's hind legs. Bell boots can be useful when riding dressage as well, for example during a forward gait like the extended or working trot. Especially horses that haven't been in training for long need to build muscle first and tend to make larger and stronger steps with their hind legs, increases the chance of tapping the front legs. As soon as all four legs are developed equally the chances of tapping are reduced to a minimum. 
Other horses benefit from bell boots when in the pasture or paddock to protect their hoofs from external influences. If you put on bell boots when grazing your horse make sure to use airy bell boots which cover the entire back of the hoof as well. An example of these are the Norton Bell Boots or the Bridleway Bell Boots.
eQuick leg protection uses the latest technical innovations. Read all about eQuick leg protection in this blog. Epplejeck has eQuick bell boots with and without faux-fur in their product range.

Buy bell boots online

Epplejeck Horse and Rider Superstores has over 50 different bell boots in their product range. Plain bell boots as well as bell boots with trendy prints and motifs. Our house brand Epplejeck has neoprene bell boots which are available in no less than twelve colours. Or go for one of our bestsellers by BR. BR bell boots are available in patent leather look, with glitter, fur, rhinestones, or with fake leather look. We also offer Eskadron bell boots. Shop your Eskadron look right here. 24/7 from the comfort of home or head to one of our Superstores.
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