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Tendon and fetlock boots for horses

There are many ways to protect your horse's legs from external influences. The most common protection during riding is the use of tendon and fetlock boots. Tendon boots are designed for the front legs and are perfect for horses who tend to tap their front legs with their hind legs. Fetlock boots are designed for the hind legs; fetlock boots are useful for horses whose hind legs brush against each other. Epplejeck has many tendon and fetlock boots from a variety of brands in their product range. Most brands have matching tendon and fetlock boots so you'll not only protect your horse's legs but make them look good as well. Brands to choose from include Eskadron, Harry's Horse, eQuick, LeMieux. Tendon boots often have a neoprene lining and a PU, anatomically shaped shell and a fake leather outer.
Brushing boots are mostly used in dressage. Brushing boots do not enclose the entire fetlock and as such only protect against brushing and not as much against tapping.

Leg protection with faux-fur lining

Some leg protectors have a faux-fur lining, apart from comfort a faux-fur lining also has a heat and moisture wicking function. Eskadron is known for their faux-fur edition. New in our product range are the eQuick protectors, these also have Fur editions. Eskadron releases new trendy colours every season so you and your horse can always look the part.

Additional leg protection for horses

Besides tendon and fetlock boots you can choose to use bandages, bell boots, or hoof boots. Bandages are mostly for show; they offer minimal protection as they lack a strong PU shell. Bell boots protect the heel bulb, the hoof wall and the coronary corium. Bell boots are mostly used in showjumping. There are also shipping boots for your horse, these protect the larger part of your horse's legs during transport in the trailer or horse box. Hoof boots are a great alternative for horse shoes if you don't want to use horse shoes but do go on the occassional trail ride.

Find all the leg protection for your horse at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Shop from the comfort of home 24/7, or visit one of our stores if you prefer to touch, smell and compare before you buy.
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