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Horse riding with hoof boots

Hoof boots are becoming more and more popular. Hoof boots are anatomically shaped and are easy to put on. Hoof boots prevent wear and tear of the hoof and ensure the hoof mechanism, the expansion and contraction of the hoof, stays intact and the blood keeps flowing. The hoofs are the corner stone your horse relies on. Hoofs endure immense pressure especially when galloping or jumping. In such cases hoof boots will function as shock absorbers where horse shoes simply don't. If you wish to know all about hoof boots make sure to read this blog by F.R.A.

When can I use hoof boots?

You can only use hoof boots if your horse doesn't have horse shoes. Hoof boots cannot be combined with horse shoes. If your horse doesn't wear horse shoes but you do go on regular trail rides getting hoof boots might be a good idea. The profile and shock absorption will offer comfort to your horse on these rides. Additionally the hooves will wear less quick with the use of hoof boots.

Which size hoof boot?

Which size hoof boot is right for your horse is easily measured. Shortly after the farrier has trimmed the hoof, measure from the far end of the central sulcus to the toe. To figure out which size you need check the table  found under the tab size information when buying hoof boots at Epplejeck. The width is measured at the widest part of the hoof. The width of hoof boots is the same as the length, if your horse's hoof width is more than one size higher than the length the boot won't fit.
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