Hoof Boots F.R.A. Cavallo Trek

Modern, extra lightweight, mesh shoes that are easy to put on thanks to the large opening with Velcro fasteners and the handy pull-loop.
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  • hoof shoes are the alternative to horseshoes
  • a hoof shoe prevents wear of the hooves, which stimulates healthy growth and does not limit hoof function
  • this modern model has a shaft of patented Pro Mesh from TPU with Velcro fastener
  • the honeycomb structure ensures optimal strength and minimum weight
  • with a comfortable, shock-absorbing sole made of high quality thermo plastic urethane (TPU)
  • the sole has built-in drainage slots that prevent them being sucked into the mud
  • equipped with patented, RES replaceable Velcro fastener
  • the upper edge is made of soft foam to prevent skin irritation
  • the hoof shoes have a handy pull loop at the back so they are easy to put on
  • per pair
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F.R.A. Hoof boots

Easily decide which size you need by measuring the length and width of your horse's hoof shortly after seeing the farrier.

After the farrier has trimmed the hoof, measure from the far end of the central sulcus to the toe. The width is measured at the widest part of the hoof.

The length of the hoof determines the hoof boot size. The length and the width of hoof boots are the same. The width of the hoof may cross the measured length by one size. The F.R.A. hoof boot is not suitable for your horse, if the width crosses the measured length by two sizes.

Hoof boot size  Min/max hoof measurement in mm
 0  102-109
 1  110-117
 2  118-125
 3  126-133
 4  134-141
 5  142-149
 6  150-157

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