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Tendon and fetlock boots for horses

It stands to reason you want to protect your horse's legs as a rider. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has a wide range of tendon and fetlock botos from quality brands like eQuick, Schockemöhle, Passier, Eskadron and more. Tendon boots and fetlock boots in trendy colours, with cool motifs, or classy detailing. Create your own set our buy a complete tendon and fetlock boot set. Epplejeck has tendon and fetlock boots in all sizes from Mini Shetland to Full.

What is the use of tendon boots?

During training your horse might tap or brush its front legs with its hind legs. Tendons are very susceptible to injuries as they lie closely under the skin; this is why it is advised to use some form of leg protection during training. Tendon boots have a hard outer shell which encloses the tendon, the boots are lined with shock absorbing neoprene. The hard shell stops the brushing and taps and the neoprene absorbs the shock. If you are unsure whether you need tendon boots try riding with them once and afterwards check them for scratches or damages; if there are scratches visible on the tendon boots, the boots have done their job and it would seem your horse tends to brush his own legs.
Popular tendon boots are the BR Event tendon boots. These tendon boots by BR are available in 12 unique colours. Epplejeck also has matching fetlock boots for sale and if you wish to complete the outfit you can even combine it with the BR Event saddle pad and BR Event fly cap.

What is the use of fetlock boots?

Fetlock boots are meant to protect the hind legs of the horse from each other. Some horses tend to brush their legs together during training. Fetlock boots protect the fetlock from brushes and thus prevents irritations and injuries.
There are two kinds of fetlock boots; those with a shell surrounding the entire fetlock, these protect the entire fetlock and are advised for use with show jumping and cross. These fetlock boots cannot slide around the leg and loose their function. If your horse tends to brush his legs regularly these fetlock boots are the best choice. Other fetlock boots have an anatomically shaped shell on the inner side of the fetlock, these protect only against minor brushing of the hind legs.

Which tendon boots should I use?

There are several things to take into account when using tendon and fetlock boots. Make sure you buy the right size tendon boot. If a tendon boot is too large it is too high for the leg which will hineder your horse's movement and use of the knee joint. Don't crank the tendon boots tight as this oppresses the circulatory system. Correctly adjusted tendon boots don't hinder the blood circulation and allow for better breathability which prevents over heating. If the tendons get overheated this can cause serious injuries.
Don't attach the tendon boots too loose either, as this might result in chafing and sliding. This will cause a loss of effect and might result in irritation around the tendon instead. If your horse tends to sweat profusely you can opt for tendon boots with a perforated, neoprene lining for an even better breathability and air circulation. An example of these are the Eskadron Flexisoft air.
Show jumpers or cross riders usually want all-round protection. The tendon boots LeMieux Teknique offer complete protection with an inner lining with freeform gel for great shock absorption and a perfect fit. The shell of these boots is made from high quality PU for optimal protection and excellent air circulation to prevent overheating of the tendons.

Buy tendon boots online

Do you want to buy new tendon boots for your horse? Shop tendon boots and fetlock boots 24/7 at Epplejeck Horse & Rider superstores. Prefer to touch and compare before buying? Head to one of our stores and our employees will be happy to help you make the right choice.
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