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What's the use of horse boots?

A rider will do anything to protect their horse. Good leg protection is a part of this especially during intensive training. Brushing boots have different designs, some have a PU shell others don't. Epplejeck has a wide range of tendon boots, brushing boots and fetlock boots. We offer horse boots from known brands like Eskadron, Anky, LeMieux, eQuick and Harry's Horse. Tendon boots are generally open at the front and mostly used in showjumping. They are open at the front so that the horse still feels it when knocking a pole.

Faux fur horse boots

It is the latest rage. Fur horse boots. Epplejeck has a variety of horse boots with faux fur from many top brands like Eskadron faux fur boots but also from Harry's Horse and BR. Especially the Harry's Horse flex trainers are extremely popular. The faux fur prevents overheating of the legs and have great brathability. Eskadron releases trendy new colours every season in a Platinum, Heritage, and Classic collection.

Cross horse boots

There are horse boots designed for cross and eventing. These horse boots have unique features such as all round protection and no absorption of water so they won't become heavy . The boots tend to have excellent shock absorption to even withstand taps from solid obstacles. Epplejeck has cross boots by LeMieux and QHP.

Buy horse boots online

Buy your new horse boots online. Whether you are looking for tendon boots, fetlock boots, travel boots or brushing boots, Epplejeck has a large selection from high quality brands. Shop 24/7 from the comfort of home.
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