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Horse studs

Studs increase the grip your horse has on grassy terrain during competition or other outdoor rides. There are many different kind of studs, each for a different terrain type. There are road studs, grass studs, and mud or deep footing studs. There are also self-cleaning studs; these studs have a self-cleaning thread so you can quickly screw the studs tight. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores also has any accessories you might need such as a tee tap, hoof stubs, and StudShus.

Which studs should I use?

Road studs are short blunt studs, sometimes with a point. They are used on relatively hard terrain like roads or solid pathways. They are also very suitable to use during transport.
Grass studs are the most common studs. These studs are rather pointy and vary in length between 10mm and 18mm. They are suitable for grassy terrain which isn't too wet.
If the competition terrain is rather wet and thus muddy it is better to use mud studs instead of grass studs. Mud studs are longer than road studs, however they are also stubby like road studs. They can have a rubber end like any other stud. The stubby end will ensure your horse won't slip as easily on muddy terrain.

When to use horse studs?

Studs can be used if the horse shoes have designated holes in them. Clean the holes before every use, using a tap cleaner. If you use the studs at a competition it is wise to clean the holes at home and use hoof stubs to fill them temporarily and prevent dirt from getting in. Use a hoof tap to fasten the horse studs in the horse shoes. Make sure to not twist them too tight as you do want to take them out as soon as possible, because in the end your horse cannot stand in its natural position when wearing studs.

Applying studs at home

Fastening studs can be stressful in a competition environment. There's a solution for this however. Simply get your horse ready at home and use Studhus to balance your equine friend. It is still adviced to remove the studs as soon as possible after riding.

Anything you need to use studs you'll find at Eplpejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Get your studs now and have them delivered in no time thanks to same day shipping. Our virtual doors are open 24/7.

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