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Therapeutic horse boots

Your horse's legs endure immense stress during training sessions. The legs of your equine friend contain very little muscles and consists mostly of bones, tendons and ligaments. The lack of muscle means little protection, especially the lower legs are susceptible to injuries. Proper recovery after a training is vital before starting a new training. Offer your horse some time off and allow damaged tissue to heal. Prevent injuries by alternating between training intensity. To protect your horse even better you could opt to use therapeutic boots. Therapeutic boots for horses have unique and specific features which help prevent injuries. If you want to buy therapeutic boots you'll have to decide whether you want boots that warm your horse's legs or boots that help cool horse legs down. Buy your therapeutic boots at Epplejeck from top brands like Shires, Harry's Horse and Horseware.

How to use Hot/Cold Relief Boots Shires

The Shires Hot/Cold Relief Boots support the recovery of injuries and prevent injuries. There are Hot/Cold Boots designed for ligaments and tendons and boots for horse joints. These therapeutic boots can be worn warm and cold. Warming of the boots is easily done using a microwave or warm water. Warm boots improve blood circulation and help relax the muscles. As a result, the hots boots help with muscle stifness and joint injuries. To prevent injuries you can use Hot boots before a training to warm up your horse's muscles before you start.
Cold therapeutic boots can be made cold using the freezer or cold water. Cold boots help reduce inflammations, swellings and pain. Use cold boots to prevent inflammations after a training.
The boots are made from comfortable neoprene with Velcro fasteners to keep them in place. The gel packs can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. The boots are machine washable at 30 degrees.

The Horseware Ice Vibe Boots

The Horseware Icevibe Boots can be used with many injuries like galls, abrasions, athritis and sprains. When cooling an area the blood circulation might drop, this is why just cooling down isn't enough as a reduced blood circulation also cuts of oxygen supply. The therapeutic boots by Horseware vibrate to keep the blood circulation going, thus speeding up the recovery process. An IceVibe treatment takes about 20 minutes.
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