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Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has lunging reins in many trendy colours. Lunging reins from brands like Imperial Riding, Lammert Haanstra, and Epplejeck. We have single and double lunging reins. A single lunging rein is generally around 8 metres long and has one clip toa ttach to the horse bridle, halter, or cavesson. A lunging rein can be attached to the bridle in several manners. You can use a bit strap and attach this to both bit rings under the chin; or through the bit rings and behind the ears. Which way works for you and your horse is a matter of trial and error.

Using double lunging reins

A double lunging reins is around 18 metres long and is split in two. It has two clips to attach to the bit or cavesson. Double lunging reins are basically really long reins. When lunging with double reins it is advised to use a lunging girth. The outer rein should run via the girth around the hind legs. Most lunging girths have many options to attach the reins so they can help achieve the right head position.

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