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Lunging girths

A lunging girth is a useful tool when lunging your horse. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has many different lunging girths; we have basic black girths, but also girths in bright colours by Imperial Riding and Epplejeck. The Epplejeck Neoprene is a popular lunging girth made from soft nylon and with a padded neoprene lining which helps with the right pressure distribution and is quick drying. This lunging girth has several attachment rings for the reins including one on the belly.

What is the use of a lunging girth?

A lunging can be used when lunging with a single rein and with lunging aids like side reins or when you lung your horse with a double rein. When working with long lunging reins a girth is particularly useful with cart training your horse. When training a young horse a girth can be used to let the horse get used to a girth and pressure around the belly. The lunging girth should be positioned behind the wither and their anatomic shape should ensure a stable position. A lunging pad can be used to avoid sliding or chafing altogether.

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