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Lunging aids

Sometimes a simple lunge line isn't enough to get what you want when you lunge your horse. There are several lunging aids available like the Pessoa lunging system, double lunge lines, or side reins. Epplejeck has lunging aids from brands like Epplejeck, F.R.A., and Lammert Haanstra.
The goal of lunging with side reins is to help your horse's bend and flexion. A correct bend is where your horse's body is uniformly bent. This can be achieved when riding your horse through a corner and having it bend around the corner by giving it the correct bending aids with your legs. Flexion is basically the flexibility of your horse's neck and its back. When lunged correctly the flexion of your horse can be improved making it easier to achieve a full bend whilst riding. Side reins consist of two reins with a clip to attach them to bit or surcingle. Note that you should never introduce new aids without fully understanding them.

Rope lunging aid

A popular lunging aid is the rather simple rope lunging aid. This is a cotton rope which runs behind the withers, to the belly and then in between the front legs to the bit. A rope lunging aid puts barely any pressure on the back of the horse and is thus highly suitable for horse's with back problems.

Order your lunging aids at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. 24/7 from the comfort of home. Or head to one of our stores for additional advice and to get a feel for the material and look before buying.

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