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Supplements and care for your horse

A healthy horse is a happy horse. Sometimes your horse could use some extra support. For example if your horse is ill, recovering from an illness, during changing seasons or when your horse has succumb to an injury. Epplejeck has everything you need to bring your horse back in the game and give him that extra care and attention.

Respiratory system

The equine respiratory tract is completely designed for exercise, as such a healthy respiratory system is vital to your horse's performance. Horses with sensitive airways tend to be less active, or develop a cough. Epplejeck has several supplements for your horse to support its immune system and help keep the airways clean.

Coat and manes

Everyone wants a horse with a beautiful, shiny coat. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstore has many supplements to help accomplish a healthy shine. Products that help sustain or achieve a shiny coat are line seed oil, omega oil, and sea weed. Epplejeck also has supplements and creams to treat mud fever. If you wish to learn about the treatment of mud fever read this blog.
If your horse is sensitive to eczema you can use eczema rugs, however you can also relief your horse a little more by using special lotions or gels.

Muscles and tendons

The muscles, tendons, and joints of your horse are an important part of your horse's movement. Strong and healthy tendons and joints are important for the overall performance of your horse. Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has everything you need,  if your horse needs some extra support after a tendon injury, or simply to support intense training sessions. Supplements that are designed to support horses in intensive training are MSM Sulphur, Glucosamin, and Devil's Relief with harpagoside.

Equine digestive system

A horse's digestive system can be sensitive. Support the digestive system of your equine friend from the inside out with supplements. Epplejeck has a wide range to support the digestive system of sand eating horses. Help prevent sand colic by adding psyllium seeds to your horse's diet for example.

Stress with horses

Stress can severely affect a horse's general health. If your horse gets stressed in new environments, for example during competitions, or during clipping you can feed supplements to help reduce this stress. Of course you should always make sure your horse has healthy living conditions including social interaction with congeners and by preventing boredom in the stable when he spends a lot of time stabled.

Equine immune system

A strong immune system makes all the difference for your horse. A reduced equine immune system makes your horse susceptible to diseases and infections. You can support your horse's immune system during recovery with supplements.

Healthy treats and horse feed

Epplejeck has healthy snacks and treats as well as horse feed. Reward your equine friend with a treat after exercising. We've got healthy extra's like the popular Vitamunch blocks by Equilibrium or the Pavo Summerfit cookies.

Training and performance

Heavy exercise and training regimes for your horse requires the right diet. Shop your supplements at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores and support your horse's muscles. NAF M-Fit is a combination of herbs like Kurkuma, ginger, licorice and gingko supports healthy muscle, a supple horse and quick recovery after heavy training.

Hoof care

Strong, elastic, and healthy hooves are important. Epplejeck offers several products that can help support healthy hooves. A well-known product is Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin which a horse can only get from his food. We've also got supplements to strengthen your horse's hooves from the outside in. For example hydrating gels to ensure the right fluid balance.

Shop pharmacy and care items for your horse at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores, right from the comfort of home and 24/7. Or visit one of our stores for personal advice and a chance to touch and compare before buying.

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