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Mares and hormones

Is your mare more like a nightmare when she's in heat? Or does your gelding pretend he's a stallion? Epplejeck has supplements from known brands like NAF and Puur to support your equine friend and bring their hormone balance back to normal.

Mare's Estrous Cycle

The mare's estrous cycle responds to an increase of daylight in spring, which affects the pineal gland. This may result in a moody mare who is difficult to handle, cranky, easily distracted and domineering. This may or may not include frequently peeing and spreading legs for example. Some mares even get upset when you ride them and spur them forwards. A solution to problems like these can be NAF Oestress. This supplement supports the hormonal cyclus in a natural way. Additionally, NAF Oestress supports relaxation and concentration. It is easily added to feed and also available as liquid. Alternatively you can choose to use Puur Oestro, which supports the normal cycle and creates a hormonal balance. Puur Oestro is suitable for mares who are being difficult.

Geldings and stallions

Geldings and stallions can be rather hormonal. Especially geldings can act as if they are a true stallion. To reduce this behaviour you can add NAF Oestress to their feed. Stallions with an extremely high libido can be treated by giving them Puur Oestro.
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