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Equine dental care

How many times do you check your horse's teeth? It's important to check your horse's teeth regularly as horse teeth continue to grow throughout most of their life. Chewing roughage grinds down the horse teeth. If the teeth are not grinded down naturally by eating roughage or if they are grinded in an unnatural shape this can cause problems. Horses get less roughage now than they did in the early days. That's why horses need regular check up by an equine dentist.

Equine dental mouth gag and tooth floats

A must-have when caring for your horses teeth is a dental mouth gag. This adjustable tool helps you to open your horse's mouth and keep it opened whilst you use a dental float  A dental float is used to float a horse's teeth, this means filing or rasping the teeth or molars so that the chewing surface is relatively flat.

How often should you check your horse's teeth?

Check the teeth of your hrose on a regular basis from the moment he is born. Horses that are still switching out their baby teeth (up until the age of 5) should be checked twice a year. Once a horse has switched out all his teeth it should be checked at least once a year. Have a vet or equine dentist check and/or treat your horse's teeth.

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