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Equine digestive system

A healthy and properly functioning digestive system is of vital importance to keep your horse healthy and fit. Epplejeck is the equestrian shop with many horse supplements to support the horse digestive system. We have equine supplements from known brands such as NAF, PharmaHorse, Puur, Sectolin and Worm & Co.

How to support my horse's digestive system?

There are quite a few horse supplements available to support a healthy digestive system. Some products support the entire immune system as well as the digestive system such as linseed oil, omega oil, Equi Total Balance or NAF Biotics. Many of these supplements contain a combination of prebiotics and probiotics which support the gut flora and intestines of your horse. Other beneficial supplements include seaweed, fenugarlic, calendula and large nettle.

Colic in horses

Colic can be catastrophic for horses. Sand colic is a type of colic which can easily be prevented. Horses can eat sand for a variety of reasons. Shorter grass might result in horses taking in mud along with the few straws left. Or they might eat sand out of boredom; another reason might be a shortage of iron. Sand disrupts the gut flora. Luckily, Epplejeck has several supplements to rid sand from the intestines. Sand Exit by Excellent, Psyllium by Puur or Sand Clear by Epplejeck all support a healthy digestive system and get rid of sand in the intestines.
You can easily check your horse's sand intake. Take 5 horse droppings and place them in a bucket which is half filled with water. Wait for an hour before checking the amount of sand on the bottom. If there you see more than a tea spoon of sand, your horse has a sand intake which is too high.

Manure test kit by Worm & Co

Horses might have worms in their intestines. To prevent disease it is advised to deworm your horse regularly. However, it is ill-advised the simply dewurm every few months; worms might become resistent. Thankfully, we offer an alternative. The manure test kit by Worm & Co. Collect some manure from your horse and send it to Worm & Co; they'll soon inform if your horse has worms and if it has which deworming product is the best cure.

Looking to buy digestion supplements online? Shop horse supplements which support a healthy digestive system at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Shop online, 24/7 or head to one of our stores instead.

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