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Equine Emergency First Aid

Accidents happen to everyone and sometimes you have to act quickly even before the veterinarian arrives. Do you have everything you need to offer first aid to your horse? Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores has everything you need for a complete first aid kit. Things like Betadine ointment, Vetramil wound care, a First Aid kit, Arnica gel or bandages.

My horse has an open wound

Disinfectants are a must-have, if you horse has an open wound on its leg. As well as bandages and practical tools to apply a bandage. Betadine ointment is useful to disinfect many wounds like chafings, burns, and wounds that cover a large area. Betadine speeds up the healing process and forms a breathing crust on the wound. A wound spray is easy to use. Vetericyn wound spray is recommended by world famous vet Dr. Pol. Read instructions before using any disinfectant, not every disinfectant is suitable for open wounds.

Applying a bandage to a horse

To apply a bandage to a horse you need several products such as scissors, tape, steril gauze, cotton roll and bandages. These tools help you treat the wound properly and make sure the wound is protected from bacteria. Especially if your horse has a wound on its leg it is advised to apply a bandage. A dressing supports curing of the wound, as it keeps it warm and moist. Before applying a bandage, make sure the wound is clean. You can cleanse the wound with water or dab it with a moist towel. Always dab it dry with a clean cloth before applying a thin gauze on the wound and bandaging it. Apply cotton roll a towel or gauze between the wound and the bandage and don't put too much pressure on the bandage as breathability of the wound is just as important in the curing process. Your horse's blood circulation should not be hindered by the bandage.

My horse has bruising

Accidents happen and your horse might fall and end up with a bruised or swollen leg. Your horse stretching a tendon is also a possibility. It's important to cool these injuries immediately. You can use a hose or an ice pack (never put an ice pack on bare skin) A swelling is a natural response to send fluid to an injury. Bodily fluids contains anti-inflammatories, however with a swelling there is an excess of bodily fluids being directed to the injury and this prevents oxygen and blood from reaching those areas. The blood circulation needs to be stimulated to heal the injured muscles or tendons; there are several products which have a cooling function such as the Leovet Cold Pack. The Ice Vibe Pack by Horseware cools down the area it is applied to and has a vibrational function which stimulates the blood circulation. Ice Vibe Boots can also be used warm.

Does my horse have a fever?

If you think your horse has succumb to a fever you can check its temperature using a digital thermometer. A grown horse should have a temperature between 37,8 and 38 degrees, a pony should have a body temperature of 38,5 - 40 degrees. Additionally you can easily check your horse's breathing. A grown horse should breathe in about 8 to 14 times, a pony about 20 to 40 times a minute.

Shop equine first aid products at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Stores 24/7 from the comfort of home. Or head to one of our stores to see our entire product range and gain additional advice from our employees.

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