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Fly repellents for horses

Looking for fly repellent sprays suitable for horses? Shop your fly repellents online at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Fly repellents from knwon brands like Grand National, Sectolin and NAF. Fly repellents neutralize your horse's scent so you can ride comfortably and unhindered. During spring and summer and even early fall, fly repellent is a must-have as the scent of fly repellent deters flies and other pesky insects. Make sure to avoid your horse's eyes when spraying a fly repellent. Instead you can use the Grand National Keep off Roller. This roller is perfect to use on the horse head, however mucus membranes should still be avoided.

Buy fly repellents for horses online

Shop high-quality and effective fly repellents at Epplejeck. Such as the Horse Fly Repelling Spray which is suitable for both horse and rider and works up to 6 hours. Order from the comfort of home 24/7.
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