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Sectolin Tedax

Bug repellent. Suitable for mosquitos, gad-flies, horse flies and ticks alike.
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Not for commercial use, for private use only to repel:
  • for riders: tropical mosquitos and gad-flies
  • for horses: external use only; mosquitos, flies
  • for dogs: mosquitos and ticks

Active component: Saltidin ® (Icaridin) 20% (200g/kg)

Instructions for the Netherlands:

Instructions must be followed. • Not suitable for children under 3 • When used on horses, apply only before riding • Use on horses or dogs only in ventilated areas or outside on hard terrain; to prevent contamination • Wash down only on hard terrain or in washing areas • Not for commercial use

Spray away from face from a distance of about 10 to 15 cm. Treat the skin or coat in a slow swirling motion. Apply to the head by spraying some in the hands and rub this on head and neck. Use only outside or in well ventilated rooms. Apply once a day only to avoid health risks.

NOTE: Temprature, humidity and sweat can have an influence the effects.

Use TEDAX ® with horses that are likely to get into contact with horse flies or mosquitos during trail rides, competitions or in the paddock. To fully cover a 450kg horse 200 ml TEDAX is needed. Generally speaking it's sufficient to cover neck, chest and belly until slightly moist. TEDAX ® protects against flies and mosquitos for up to 24 hours (90% protection). Protection starts immediately after appliance

Use TEDAX ® just before anticipated contact with flies and mosquitos, for example during trail rides or a competition. Apply TEDAX ® evenly on exposed body parts. Avoid mouth and eyes. Spray on hands before treating face and neck. TEDAX ® protects for 6 hours against mosquitos and 4 hours against horse flies (100% protections. Protection starts immediately after application.

Use TEDAX r on dogs that are likely to get into contact with mosquitos or ticks; for example during the hunt, at race or at shows. A 40 kg dog requires about 11ml TEDAX evenly distributed on the coat. TEDAX ® protects for 8 hours (90% protection) Protection starts after application.

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