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Healthy snacks for horses

Do you wish you could spoil your horse day after day? Well you can by buying healthy snacks at Epplejeck Horse & Rider Superstores. Our product range includes many healthy treats, which you can feed your horse without feeling guilty. Shop Vitamunch, Pavo Summerfit and healthy herbal mixes at Epplejeck.


Vitamunch is a unique, healthy, fibre rich snack in the shape of 1 kilogram blocks of Timothy grass. Vitamunch is a healthy treat but can also be used to prevent boredom during a ride in the trailer or horse box. Simply put a block in mini hay net and hang it in the trailer. Vitamunch is available in 3 flavours each with their own unique mix of herbs. Epplejeck sells Vitamunch Meadow, Calm and Hedgerow
Meadow and Hedgerow contain vitamins and minerals, dandelion, red clover, and nettle. Vitamunch Calm is aimed at nervous, jittery ponies and horses. Calm contains magnesium, vitamin B, camomile, hop and vervain to help your equine friend to relax.
Vitamunch can be fed dry or  mix it with water in a bucket.

Epplejeck Daily Mix for horses

Support your horse's diet with healthy herbs from Epplejeck. Meadow mix is a healthy mix of herbs which horses eat naturally like rose hip, goldclover and nettle. Another great mix is the Epplejeck Daily mix which has added vitamins and minerals and supports the equine immune system with its dried herbs. The daily mix can be mixed with your horse's daily ration of sweet feed, but can also be given separately.

Shop healthy snacks for horses at Epplejeck, 24/7 from the comfort of home.

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