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Hoof care tools

Regular hoof care is vital for your horse and Epplejeck is happy to supply you with the tools needed. If your horse has a small tear or if the hoof is crumbling you can prevent further tearing or crumbling by viling it down a little bit yourself. Complete hoof care should only be done by qualified farriers, this is why we only sell tools for small adjustment and care at Epplejeck.

Small hoof corrections

If your horse's hoof is crumbling you can easily stop the process by using a hoof rasp by F.R.A. This way you won't have to call your farrier for every little tear. Complete coping should be done by a farrier. Epplejeck has fine and crude hoof rasps as well as hoof nail pliers and of course hoof picks and hoof knives.

Hoof studs

Epplejeck has a large selection of hoof studs to help your horse cross uneven terrain more easily for example during competitions. We have grass studs, mud studs, and road studs in many shapes and sizes. Surely, there's a set that accommodates your needs.
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