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Duo Protection Hoof Grease

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Duo Protection is 100% natural and made from horse fat. Duo Protection is absorbed by the hoof, keeps the hoof moist from the inside out and does not close it off.
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  • Duo Protection is easily absorbed by the hoof because of its 100% natural ingredients, namely horse fat
  • horse fat contains glycerine which attracts liquids
  • horse fat stimulates hoof wall growth and contributes to a stronger hoof structure
  • it improves, strengthens and maintains hoofs
  • Duo Protection also protects and nourishes leather; the glycerine ensures moistness and prevents dehydration
  • because most leather products are 100% natural it is adviced to treat them with natural products as well
  • Duo Protection is easily absorbed

If your horse has weak hoofs it is advised to use Duo Protection daily for at least a month; after a month reduce Duo Protection use to 3 times a week.
Healthy hoofs need protection as well. Use Duo Protection 2 to 3 times a week on healthy hoofs.

Leather: apply amply on the leather. Brush it off with a clean, dry cloth after 3 minutes. Repeat the last step if white patches appear.

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